Top ten attractions hotspots of Manipur

1.Loktak lake

(i) The way of life at Moirang, 

(ii) The Floating huts belonging to the fishermen at the aquatic landscape- “A lake is a landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is Earth’s eye: looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature,” stated by Henry David Thoreau, Walden. Likewise, Loktak lake possesses an endless beauty gifted by Mother nature, it is like a reflection of heaven on earth, wherein his own depth or qualities are measured and tested. The lake covers an area of 300 square kilometers and provides the source of water for hydropower generation, irrigation and drinking water supply in the region

2. Keibul Lamjao National Park

The endangered Brow Antlered Deer- Rucervus Eldii Eldii) The very field full of green meadows, grasses with a wetland vegetation, which is a home to the gentle and majestic Sangai or Brow Antlered Deer. This National Park covers an area of 40sq km and the only floating park in the world with an area covering 40 sq km  and established in the year 1977. A hillock is located besides the park from where one can take a closer view of it using binoculars, from the watch tower area. It is indeed a graceful species that hides within the tall reeds at the field, and comes out during the sunset in the evening, when the heat is lower.Hog Deer,Otter,host of water fowls and migratory birds, the latter usually sighted during  the month November to March.

3. The Kangla

A Trip to the history of Manipur during 33 AD: The Kangla fort which happens to be the Kangliepak palace  or ancient capital of Manipur since the year 1891AD, stands with great patriotism till date was the royal palace of King Pakhangba who was the then ruler in 33AD. The Kangla Fort symbolises the seat of political power and a holy place for the worship related ceremonies as a part of ancient history of Manipur.

4.Leimaram/Sadu Chiru waterfall & Agape Garden

Rejuvinating beauty of  Mother nature- This amazingly refreshing waterfall is located 20 kms from Imphal beside the Tiddim Road, NH-150. Also, there are three waterfalls in total. Perfect site for tourists who love such natural beauty at large.

5.Andro- Culturally rich and bountiful greens

Andro is 25 kms away from Imphal.This  tourist hotspot symbolizes the cultural belief of the people of Manipur since the olden days. A traditional way of worship passed on to the present generation which was practiced thousands of years ago. From scenic natural beauty to the chanting sound by the priests, all can be witnessed here.

6. Theme Parks at  Awung Ching Pheidinga

Imphal east, Unity park at Khangabok, Selloi Pung Ecological Park, Santhei garden, Kakching garden, Matai Garden, Zoological Garden at Iroisemba.- enchanting Echoes of the bird chirpings and various flora and fauna that are coexisting together in complete harmony and the roaring sound of the  natural waterfalls are the specialties here.

7. Trekking at Laimaton Mountain & Japanese Samurai of World War II

Lamdan, Churachandpur District

The mountainous regions specify a theme of Adventurous tour showcasing the Japanese Samurai used during the second world war imprinted on a block of stone at this mountain.

8. Shree Govindaji temple

A famous vaishnavite centre at the heart of the city.- A visit to this hindu temple which is one of the star attractions of Manipur. This temple was constructed originally in 1846 A.D. during the rule of Maharaj Nara Singh, 1844-1846 A.D. the structure of this temple  symbolizes a rectangular  late medieval brick- built temple with a portico to the entrance area.the temple measures 16.95 m in length and is 18.63 m in breadth.

9.Khongjom War memorial

A patriotic story carved in the History of Manipur- A tribute to the fallen soldiers  who were born and raised in Manipur and laid down their lives in order to protect their motherland. A war between the Allied forces and Japanese army, wherein the Japanese got furiously defeated by the Allied forces which took place in Manipur.

10. Eema-Keithel:- where equality is preached

Ima Market can be referred to as the only all-women’s market in the world; a place where equality is preached and practiced. In a nation where patriarchy has ruled and thrived over centuries, there are women who have stood tall on their own. If anyone ever travels Northeast of  India, there lies Manipur in the furthest corner. The very famous Khwairamband Bazar in Imphal, the world’s only all-women run market place. Khwairamband Bazar is also known as Ima Keithel. In Manipuri Ima means mother and Keithel means market. So it is known as the market of the mothers. There are 4000 strong shopkeepers who are all women. This unit of women represents the strong foothold of women in the Manipuri society. The stand as a glorying example of an equal society.

***Manipur makes you want to come back.***